MCCM Medical Cosmetics - A20P Peel - 5 vials x 10 ml

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MCCM Medical Cosmetics - A20P Peel - 5 vials x 10 ml

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Product description

MCCM Medical Cosmetics - A20P Peel is one of the most innovative products of MCCM Medical Cosmetics which does not affect the superficial layer of the skin, and therefore does not require a long recovery period.

Based on the intensity of exposure to the skin, it is considered a deep peeling.

PH: 3

Recovery time: just few hours, as this peel does not produce superficial decamation.

Recommendations: Daily application of MCCM WA Arbutin Cream and MCCM Sun Cream SPF 50+.

Main benefits
  • Lifting and firming effect
  • Anti- ageing
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Stretch marks
  • It isn’t photosensitive and can be used during the day without having to avoid sun exposure after application
  • Scars and acne scars reduction
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • How to use

    CLEANSE: Cleanse the skin with the MCCM Cleansing Milk, applying it on the hands and then gently massage all over the face, neck and décolleté, then rinse with water. Apply the MCCM Facial Tonic with cotton pads.
    EXFOLIATE – PEELING: Application of the professional A20P peel. Apply it on your hands, previously protected with gloves, and spread the A20P with gently sliding massage outwards movements, starting on the forehead, then around the eyes, cheeks, nose, chin, neck and décolleté. Recommended maximum time of exposure: 5 minutes, depending on the skin reaction and patient sensibility. This peel do not need to be neutralized with a neutralizing product. Just gently remove it with a cloth dump in cold water.
    This product does not cause skin decamation (peeling). Therefore, its use does not require a period of social inactivity.
    MASK: Apply the MCCM Moisturizing Mask. Let it act for about 20 minutes. Then remove with cold water. Apply the MCCM Facial Tonic with cotton pads all over the face.
    MOISTURE: Apply the MCCM Regenerator Cream.
    PROTECTION: Apply the MCCM Sun Cream 50+.

    Full Ingredients
    Alpha-Arbutin, Kojic Acid, TCA, Hydrogen Peroxide.
    5 vials x 10 ml


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