The Glutathione Peel

The Glutathione Peel

by admin on Oct 22, 2021

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Maximising sales and results in clinic and at home with MCCM.

Glutathione is one of the beauty editor’s favourite ingredients with plenty of column inches dedicated to outlining the benefits of this anti-ageing star.  Consider it a ‘hero’ ingredient that reduces oxidative stress, making it a very powerful antioxidant that targets pigmentation to lighten dark spots and even out the skin tone.  Combine it’s pigment-busting abilities with it’s ability to reduce the signs of deep lines and wrinkles and you have the perfect solution for patients wanting that insta-worthy glow.

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The Peel

The Glutathione Peel is a whitening and antioxidant treatment for use in clinic designed to brighten the skin, tackling melasma, pigmentation spots, sun damage and wrinkles. A medium to deep peel,  it penetrates the epidermis, and contains 20% Glutathione.  It can be used on mature and older skins needing an anti-ageing treatment designed to fade pigmentation and melasma, reduce the appearance of medium to deep wrinkles and to even out their skin tone.

Selling The Products As You Treat.

As you carry out the treatment, always explain what you are doing and what MCCM products you are using at each stage. This starts from the initial cleanse using the MCCM cleansing milk and facial toner to the ampoules selected, the mask you apply, the Glutathione cream and even the SPF used before they leave. Talk about the ingredients and how beneficial they are. Explain how a supporting skincare regime at home will really help accelerate results. Talking during the treatment about the products helps save time but also teaches your patient application techniques and the steps of an effective skincare regime they can replicate at home.  Then when you do mention home care they have greater understanding of what MCCM products they need to invest in and why.

Selling Home Care Products.

Always try and sell The Glutathione Peel with a home care system as part of the package where possible and use the techniques mentioned in the previous paragraph. Not only will this improve the clinical outcome but it will also encourage your patient to invest in their skincare regime, playing an active part in looking after their skin between visits.  It maximises revenue and helps grow your business and will also set you apart from other practitioners who do not offer the full home care package.

You should also provide online video consultations to patients who cannot get to clinic but still want to invest in their skin and benefit from the MCCM range . Carry out a consultation and put together a package of skincare and have it delivered direct to their door.  Schedule in regular follow up video calls and adjust the home care as needed.

Selling Skincare To Succeed.

Remember, if your patients are not buying skincare from you, they are spending their money elsewhere!  Selling skincare is vital if you want to grow your business and develop new revenue streams. Not only will MCCM skincare sales increase the average patient spend per visit it will also encourage them to maintain their results and come back to you for more product when they run out generating repeat custom. Patient retention is key and happy patients who see results stay with you, and they also refer more people to you., which allows you to make more sales and grow your business.

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