Face & Body hyper- pigmentation? Meet the MCCM MELANO OUT

Face & Body hyper- pigmentation? Meet the MCCM MELANO OUT

by admin on Jan 21, 2023

Having flawless, even-toned skin is something we all aspire to, however the reality is, most of us suffer from hyper- pigmentation, darker patches of uneven skin tone on our face and body.    Often having an uneven skin tone means we feel less confident, which leads to covering up our skin with concealers and foundations or changing how we dress to hide areas of concern.  However there is a safe, effective solution to lightening and brightening your skin and leading skincare brand MCCM Medical Cosmetics has a range of products you can use in clinic and at home to get the results you want.

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Not all pigmentation is the same.

Not all pigmentation has the same cause or trigger, but no matter what has caused your skin to darken, MCCM offer a treatment and skincare solution to help. . You may suffer from melasma, with darker patches triggered by hormonal changes. Skin darkens from excessive sun exposure too so you may find you have darker patches in areas you have exposed to the sun?  You may have darker spots from skin damage such as acne scarring, cuts and abrasions? Or you may just find you have naturally-occurring darker areas of skin such as the elbows, knees and intimate areas?  Whatever the cause, it is important you have the correct diagnosis so you can select the right solution.

In-Clinic solutions.

  A course of peels in clinic is the fastest way to lighten the skin on your face and body and your clinician will carry out a full consultation with you to ensure they select the right peel for your skin type. And more importantly, the type of pigmentation you have. Safety is at the forefront of all MCCM peels and your clinician will explain each step of the peel to you and ensure you feel comfortable throughout.  Once your treatment is completed, your clinician will protect your skin from further damage by using an SPF of 50+.  Wearing a high SPF daily, no matter what the weather (yes, even when it’s winter, overcast and raining) is essential if you are to maintain and protect the newly lightened and brighter skin.

Skincare solutions to use at home.

After your treatment,  a home care system will be designed for you consisting of MCCM products designed to assist in the lightening of the skin and speed up the results.  The range is so effective that even if you cannot get to clinic to have a course of peels, you can still expect visible results from following a comprehensive home skincare regime using MCCM products designed for pigmented areas.

The MCCM Melano Out range of products tackle melasma and hormonal pigmentation on the face and body effectively and safely. The Melano Out Mask contains a rich combination of ingredients that help eliminate dark spots and inhibit the production of melanin in the skin on the face.  The Melano Out Cream is a daily face cream that will reduce dark spots and lead to lighter, brighter skin and the Melano Whitening Cream is ideal for skin that needs more hydration as well as the lightening and brightening effect.   MCCM also offer Glutathione Skin Lightening Cream which lightens your skin whilst providing an infusion of anti-oxidants for a more youthful glow.  For those who have sun damage or ageing skin, WA Arbutin Cream will minimise the appearance of dark spots caused by sun exposure.

To treat hyperpigmentation on the body, select Melano Out BODY, available in a 200ml pump. It helps in the treatment of hyperpigmentation and provides a more even skin tone over time. Consistent use sees a progressive whitening effect on areas prone to darker skin such as under the arms, the knees, the elbows, the crotch and the neckline.  Skin will appear more even toned and luminous with regular use.

Shop MCCM online.

For more information on the Melano range, WA Arbutin Cream and Glutathione skin lightening and brightening range of home care and peels and to place your order, visit


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